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apa yang menarik di Labuan
07-Mar-2006, 09:35 AM
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apa yang menarik di Labuan
baru 2x i pegi Labuan since my hubby working there.. tapi kan takde apa yang menarik except makan kat Mawilla (err.. betul ke ejaan nie?) dengan financial park tu... any suggestion? :lol:

a woman's body tells no tales.
10-Apr-2006, 01:00 PM
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yes please!
1 ) - you can take a walk along pohon batu beach while picnic there.
2 ) - you also can bring your hubby to fishing at kiamsam
3 ) - or maybe you want something challenging,you can climb pohon batu hill (Bukit Kubong)
4 ) - why dont you try to stay overnight at Kuraman Island? its a lovely place.
5 ) - have you been to Taman Botanical? Not yet?
6 ) - Tanjung aru floating restaurant, not so big but quite peace,especially on the evening,those who loves seafood
this is the place.
7) - or maybe arround 4.00pm - 6.00pm you can streching and releasing stress by taking a walk along sports complex.
8) - take your time to visit kampung air (Floating Village) - you can buy fresh prawn paste (Belacan)
9) - you can visit while buying Labuan pure fish Cracker (keropok ikan) at KG bebuloh....not bad!
10) - finaly you can visit village house at kg belukut where you can find how Bamboo can makes money. There you can see,up,down.left,right all made from bamboo. you also can buy bamboo bench,table as long as you loves unique craft made from bamboo.

that is all about labuan.........well, welcome to labuan........maybe others can give more suggestion...
23-Apr-2006, 04:23 PM
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Have as many hairdo's as you can coz it's vm cheaper than kk or kl.
18-May-2006, 02:39 PM
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Banyak tempat menarik di labuan. Dan banyak benda menarik boleh dibuat... Aku rasala kan... orang yang kata labuan tu bosan adalah orang yang tak tau nak enjoy. Orang yang perlukan material untuk enjoy. Labuan people know how to have fun. Orang labuan metsi tahu cara untuk berseronok. Sebab itu bagi aku labuan tak membosankan.
18-May-2006, 04:45 PM
Post: #5

regret to inform that bamboo's craft maker as i told all of you in previous posting was passed away lately on 13.05.06,and he was burried at his hometown kg sungai miri. may allah bless him to rest in peace. al fatihah.

allahyarham names is : Laujin B. Liman
kg belukut wilayah persekutuan labuan.

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