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KK airport offer more duty-free than Labuan's duty free shop
10-Apr-2005, 08:51 PM
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KK airport offer more duty-free than Labuan's duty free shop
21 March, 2005
Labuan: This island which enjoys duty-free status where cigarettes and liquor are supposed to be the cheapest, with the exception of Langkawi.

But this does not seem to be the case with cigarettes as some duty-free shops like in Kota Kinabalu airport are selling the item cheaper.

A typical example is a ream of 20 packs of "Dunhill" which is available at the airport for RM40 in KK compared to RM46 here.

"I had no problem buying five reams for my friends here," said a businessman who returned from KK.

Similarly those from here going to KK could also easily buy them on the mainland.

Based on regulations, airport duty-free shops are only allowed to sell such items to passengers holding a ticket to a foreign destination.

Consumer Association of Labuan Chairman, Ramlee Ahmad, said the discrepancy in prices for the popular brand of cigarettes was unfair to consumers here.

"The manufacturers or distributors should have a standard duty-free price for the item, otherwise, Labuan's duty-free status will be a mockery."

Another dealer in cigarettes and wines here said, though the duty-free shopping limit here was RM500 and in case of liquor, one litre and one ream of cigarettes are allowed to be taken out of the island by visitors, it would have little benefit to the local economy if they could be obtained cheaper elsewhere by travellers.

He said there was certainly need for stricter control.

"We don't care if the cigarettes are sold even at RM30 per ream provided they were for passengers bound to a foreign destination and not on a domestic route like between Labuan-KK or vice versa."

Ref: Daily Express

10-Apr-2005, 08:54 PM
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erm.. i think the overseas tourist wouldn't complaint even if they bought the dunhill cg for RM60 for 20 packs! its AU10.00 a pack in australia.. that is RM30.00 per pack! Smile
11-Apr-2005, 04:54 PM
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no doubt. cigarette price else where is more higher than in malaysia.
11-Apr-2005, 07:43 PM
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yeh true eh... my uncle quit cg, went back to malaysia, came back with few carton of cgs again... -.- took him another 6 months to stop smoking again.. he hasn't pick up any cg for few weeks now, so we been keeping our mouth shut, in case if you say wow uncle you stop smoking liao well done ahh~
.. then the next day you see him smoking again. hehe.. hope he doesnt read here

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